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OlymTech was founded in 2002 by a team of IT and logistics veterans from the Silicon Valley and China. With a mission to transform the industry by cloud, OlymTech is now the leader in delivering cloud-based IT solutions and a vertical business network platform for a large community of international freight forwarders and logistics services providers. Currently, it has over 1,500 top-tier forwarders and 150,000 active users in its network.

In the past five years, OlymTech has become one of the fastest growing internet companies in China with continuous funding from TTGG, Langshen Investment, IDG Capital, Matrix Venture, and Yunqi Venture. At present, OlymTech has established operations in major international logistics gateways in China, including Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Ningbo, Qingdao, Tianjin and Xiamen. It also has three R&D centers in Hangzhou, Shanghai and Ningbo.

While CargoGM is a suite of seamlessly fused cloud applications that help building O2O platforms for our enterprise customers, CargoPM.com serves as an online marketplace that enables the users to collaborate and fulfill transactions with their customers and business partners around the globe on a single platform.

Customers choose OlymTech for three fundamental reasons:

  • A Superior Technology Platform—a single multi-tenant cloud platform designed for inter-company process automation on a global scale
  • A Large and Active Community—the largest logistics partner and service provider community on a single network instance
  • The Fusion of Financial and IT Capabilities—to link the two key engines of logistics in a single place

Planning to be launched in May, 2015, CargoPM.com is a platform marketplace aiming to change China’s logistics industry forever. The initial 250 top tier forwarders and specialized logistics services providers on board are equipped and backed by CargoGM solutions, which will not only make the business transactions and processes more efficient for your business, but also make them transparent and accountable. All the rates and services offered by the services providers on the marketplace are guaranteed by OlymTech as an independent platform operator. Plus 200 or more qualified international forwarders and logistics service providers from S.E. Asia, the Middle East, the India subcontinent, Europe, North America, South America, and Africa are also joining CargoPM as international members.

CargoPM requires a set of high services standards to ensure a guaranteed level of satisfaction for international customers for their logistics needs import from or export to China.

CargoGM is a suite of O2O solutions acting as a virtual general manager to help international forwarders to transform their business on the Internet. The cloud-based application suite extend across internal business process as well as external networking and commerce such as order processing and accounting management, rates management and distribution, order tracking and document collaboration, business intelligence, and wechat mobile solutions. CargoGM enables forwarders to build their own O2O solutions integrating its business processes with their customers and business partners such as carriers, custom brokers, warehouses, trucking companies, and financial institutions.

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